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10 Suspects Arrested in Drug Bust

Winnipeg Police arrested 10 people early Sunday morning after finding almost $15,000 worth of cocaine at a Hargrave Avenue apartment block.

Police were initially called to break up a fight at the apartment and when they arrived found drugs in plain view. A Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) search warrant was subsequently executed, and the following items were seized:

- 30.5 grams of Crack Cocaine (estimated street value of $5,000) - 93 grams of powdered Cocaine (estimated street value of $9,300) - approximately $10,000 in Canadian Currency - 5 cell phones - trafficking paraphernalia

Four males (in their 20s), three male youths (ages 13, 15 and 15), and three adult females (ages 19, 19 and 20) are all facing charges.


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