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16-year Old Passenger Assaults Family Member on Air Canada Flight, Prompting Diversion to Winnipeg

16 Year Old Passenger Assaults Family Member on Air Canada Flight, Flight was Diverted to Winnipeg
Air Canada flight diverted to Winnipeg

By: Staff Writer I Winnipeg Tribune

Winnipeg, January 3, 2024 - This afternoon RCMP at the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport received an urgent report that led to the diversion of Air Canada flight #137, en route from Toronto to Calgary, due to an incident involving an unruly passenger. The incident occurred approximately at 12:20 pm when a 16-year-old male from Grande Prairie, Alberta, assaulted an adult male passenger identified as a family member.

According to preliminary reports, the flight was proceeding as normal until the altercation took place. The young suspect, whose identity has not been disclosed due to his age, attacked the adult male passenger while the plane was in mid-air. Quick and courageous actions from both airline employees and fellow passengers allowed them to restrain the youth immediately following the assault, preventing any further escalation of the situation.

Once the situation was under control, the flight crew contacted authorities, and the decision was made to divert the aircraft to Winnipeg Richardson International Airport to ensure the safety of all passengers and address the incident appropriately.

Upon landing, RCMP officers were on hand to apprehend the teenage suspect. He was subsequently transported to hospital for medical evaluation. Police have not yet disclosed the extent of his injuries, if any, or the nature of the evaluation.

The adult male passenger who had been assaulted was treated on scene by medical personnel for minor physical injuries. Fortunately, no other passengers on the flight required medical assistance, and the overall safety of the flight was not compromised.

In response to the incident, Air Canada issued a statement expressing their gratitude for the quick response of both their crew members and passengers. They also mentioned their commitment to cooperating fully with law enforcement authorities as they continue their investigation into this unsettling incident.

The motive behind the assault and the relationship between the two individuals involved remain undisclosed at this time. Authorities are expected to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident to determine any underlying causes or contributing factors.


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