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18 Year Old Found With a Machete Following a Fight on a City Transit Bus

Friday, December 30, 2022 - Winnipeg Police have arrested and charged an 18 year old for assault with a weapon after they were call to a Winnipeg Transit Bus at St. Anne’s Road and Niakwa Road on Tuesday for reports of a fight.

Police said there was a fight involving several people that began on the Winnipeg Transit Bus and that one of people involved was armed with a machete.

When officers arrived the located a 34-year-old male victim on the bus who treated and medically cleared on the bby paramedics at the scene. Police then found the suspect in the on Alpine Road with a machete and a sheath in his possession as evidence.

Police said they determined that the suspects were on the Transit bus causing a disturbance when a passenger intervened. The verbal dispute escalated when one of the suspects physically assaulted the victim, and a fight ensued. After the altercation, a second suspect produced a machete and struck the victim in the upper body. The victim disarmed the suspect with another passenger’s assistance and threw the machete off the bus. The suspect who had produced the machete was assisted off the bus and fled before the police arrived.

An 18-year-old male from Winnipeg is facing the following charges:

- Assault with a Weapon

- Possession of a Weapon

He was released with an Undertaking as mandated by the Criminal Code.


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