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Wednesday, June 1, 2022 - Tuesday at 7:00 p.m., Winnipeg Police responded to a stabbing at a bar in the 1400 block of Notre Dame Avenue. Police located an 18-year-old male in the parking lot and provided emergency medical care for a serious upper-body injury. The victim was transported to hospital in unstable condition, where he remains. An adult male and female (both victims) attended to the bar’s vendor and made a purchase. When they exited the vendor, two unknown males approached them and started a confrontation. Matters escalated, and the two victims were assaulted, and the male victim was ultimately stabbed. The two suspects retreated into the bar and were subsequently arrested. The Major Crimes Unit took over the investigation. Elijah ST. GERMAIN, 24, of Winnipeg, was charged with: - Assault x 2 - Fail to Comply with Probation x 3 Desmond Tyler BROWN, 25, of Winnipeg, was charged with: - Aggravated Assault - Assault - Possession of a Weapon - Fail to Comply with Probation x 4

Both were detained in custody.


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