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21 Year-Old Man Charged with Ten Counts of Extortion

Wednesday, June 28, 2023 - A 21 year-old Winnipeg man has been charged with ten counts of Extortion after an investigation that included and other law enforcement agencies (RCMP, York Regional Police Service, Hamilton Police Service and Halton Police Service)

Tongun Justin Tongon is suspected of enticing young men to share intimate photos of themselves online while posing as a woman. He then threatened to share the images online unless he received money. This crime is called sextortion.

Sextortion is a form of online blackmail that occurs when someone online threatens to distribute intimate/sexual images of a victim unless they pay the suspect. Victims are often teen males and young adults who believe they are communicating with a female online to facilitate a relationship or an intimate connection.

Almost immediately after receiving the images, the perpetrator threatens to distribute the victim's images online or send them to family, friends or colleagues. Feeling trapped, the victim fears the embarrassing outcome and agrees to send money to "pay off" the suspect.

Over the last 12 months,, (Canada's tipline for reporting online sexual abuse and exploitation of children), has received more than 3,400 reports from children and young adults who have been targeted, victimized and sextorted while using online social media platforms.

What do I do if this happens to me?

If someone threatens to share your intimate images or if they have already been shared, take the following precautions:

Screenshot the online communications & block or deactivate the account

Do not delete your account (for investigational purposes)

Do not pay money, do not send more money or more images

Stop payments, notify your financial institution, and make a police report online

Go to if you have been exploited online or your intimate images have been shared.

  • There is help removing the images if uploaded or shared online

  • There is emotional support available

Report to

Make a police report online to the Winnipeg Police Service


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