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25 Students in Neepawa to Become Licensed Practical Nurses

25 Students in Neepawa to Become Licensed Practical Nurses
Premier Wab Kinew in 25 Students in Neepawa

By: Staff Writer I Winnipeg Tribune

Neepawa, January 22, 2024 - Premier Wab Kinew and Advanced Education and Training Minister Renée Cable joined the grand opening ceremony of the Neepawa Training Centre today. This initiative aims to support rural Manitobans pursuing careers in nursing, addressing the critical need for healthcare professionals in these areas.

Neepawa, known for its thriving community, young families, and global businesses, was chosen as the site for the Neepawa Training Centre. Premier Kinew expressed the government's commitment to collaborating with post-secondary institutions like Assiniboine Community College, applauding the efforts of President and CEO Mark Frison in connecting rural Manitobans with promising careers in healthcare. He emphasized the government's mission to enhance the healthcare system, stating, "Our mission is to fix healthcare. Working together, we can achieve that goal by supporting the students here in Neepawa that are starting their journey towards fulfilling careers as future nursing professionals."

The Town of Neepawa spearheaded the development of the Neepawa Training Centre, envisioning it as a hub for training skilled workers in the region. Assiniboine Community College has partnered with the Neepawa Training Centre to launch a two-year practical nursing diploma program as the first offering at this facility.

The inaugural class of up to 25 nursing students will undergo training at the Neepawa Training Centre, equipping them with the skills and knowledge required to become licensed practical nurses in Manitoba.



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