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25 Year Old Impaired Driver Plays Hide & Seek with Police

Thursday, December 15, 2022 - Wednesday night Winnipeg drivers alerted police an sedan that was swerving and speeding in the city's southwest, near Bishop Grandin Boulevard and Pembina Highway.

Police spotted the the vehicle travelling on Oborne Street at McMillan Avenue and tried a traffic stop. However, the driver fled in the sedan and refused to stop. Other units, including K9, responded to assist.

Over about 25 minutes, officers periodically lost sight of and relocated the vehicle numerous times in the vicinity, where it was observed driving through red lights and into oncoming traffic.

Police also put out their Stop Sticks (deflation device) on two separate occasions to reduce the sedan's mobility.

After about a half hour police spotted the vehicle – with two flat tires – weaving on Provencher Boulevard and driving at inconsistent speeds. The sedan came to a stop at Des Meurons Street, and the driver was taken into custody.

Dirk Taaron James Kenning, a 25-year-old male of Winnipeg, has been charged with:

- Operation of a Conveyance While Impaired to Any Degree by BAC or Drug or a Combination of Both

- Dangerous Operation of a Conveyance

- Fail or Refuse to Comply with Demand

- Fail to Comply with Condition of Release Order (x4)

He was detained in custody.


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