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A 44% Surge in Shoplifting Between Jan & Aug in Winnipeg

Winnipeg Police speaking with media about the 44% surge in shoplifting.
Winnipeg Police speaking with media December 4, 2023.

By: Staff Writer l Winnipeg Tribune

Winnipeg, December 5, 2023 - Since November, the Winnipeg Police Service has taken action against the rising tide of shoplifting through its Retail Theft Initiative. Collaborating with the Retail Council of Canada and local businesses, this proactive effort aims to curb the escalating problem of retail theft plaguing the city.

The Property Crimes Unit, in conjunction with Community Support Units across the city's four districts, has already made 151 arrests in connection with this initiative. Shockingly, statistics from January to August revealed a staggering 44% surge in shoplifting incidents under $ 5,000 compared to the same period in 2022. Although still below pre-pandemic levels, the nature of these incidents has shifted significantly from liquor stores to various retail outlets.

Contrary to the misconception of shoplifting as a victimless crime, these incidents have resulted in violent repercussions, causing injuries to both retail staff and members of the public.

Utilizing data-driven crime analysis, law enforcement strategizes its deterrence efforts, focusing primarily on downtown, Kildonan Crossing, and Polo Park retail areas. However, this initiative is not a one-time endeavour; the Property Crimes Unit will continue to target other areas, making this an ongoing priority.


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