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A Mall Shoplifter Brandishing a Gun Arrested

Saturday, January 7, 2023 - Winnipeg Police were called to a shopping mall on Regent Avenue. Mall security called police after confronting a woman for shoplifting.

Police said when the woman was stopped by security she indicated she had a gun and fled. Security followed the her outside from a distance. She turned and pointed a firearm at them and pulled the trigger, causing the victims to believe they had been shot at. She continued her escape, nobody was injured,

Police with the K9 Unit responded and found the woman outside a nearby store. She was safely taken into custody and turned over to the Major Crimes Unit.

A BB gun was seized, and the stolen merchandise was recovered.

Eternity Dawn McCallum (21) of Winnipeg was charged with the following offences:

- Robbery

- Discharge Air Gun or Pistol with Intent

- Pointing a Firearm

- Carrying Concealed Weapon Prohibited Device or Ammunition

- Possession of Firearm, Restricted/Prohibited Weapon or Ammunition Contrary to Prohibition Order x 2

- Fail to Comply Probation Order

She was detained in custody.


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