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A New 34 Cities Poll Ranks Winnipeg Least Safest in Canada

Thursday, August 31, 2023 - A new poll released by Rentola ranking the safest versus most dangerous cities in Canada gave Winnipeg the lowest overall safety scores.

The report suggests that Kelowna, Thunder Bay, and Halifax follow Winnipeg. The highest overall safety scores went to four cities in Ontario: Barrie, Brantford, Guelph, and Toronto.

When ranking cities based on number of citizens per police officer, Regina topped the list with 10.00. Winnipeg has only 5.87. The safest cities in the ranking are Barrie, which has 6.01, Brandford - 6.81, Guelph - 5.15, and Toronto - 6.50.

Winnipeg also ranked 25th out of 34 cities for their crime-solving rate.

On the eve of a provincial election, crime, which ranked number one in a recent Angus Reid poll, could be the most discussed issue among the parties vying for your vote.

Review the entire Rental Poll by clicking here.


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