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A new program hoping to support Manitoba physicians to receive $300,000

A new program hoping to support Manitoba physicians announced in Manitoba.
Manitoba Provincial Government announces new spending

By: Staff Writer I Winnipeg Tribune

Winnipeg, February 8, 2024 - The Manitoba NDP Government introduced a new program, dubbed the New to Practice Program, aims to mentor and support physicians in their first five years of practice within Manitoba.

Developed as a collaboration between the provincial government and Doctors Manitoba, the initiative will receive $300,000 in annual funding from the Manitoba government. This partnership seeks to create a robust support network within the healthcare system, facilitating mentorship and collaboration for early-career physicians.

Minister Asagwara stressed that the New to Practice Program is designed to complement existing well-being initiatives, such as physician peer support and well-being portfolios. The program underscores ongoing efforts to enhance workplace culture and streamline administrative processes, in collaboration with the medical profession.

The Provincial Government sas as recruitment and retention remain paramount concerns, this New to Practice Program is a proactive approach towards addressing these challenges. However, the government did not provide any information on how many doctors this new program and money will attract, which remains the biggest concern facing the provinces healthcare system.


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