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Are the Liberals and NDP Promising to Spend a Billion Dollars More Per-Year?

Friday, September 8, 2023 - Wab Kinew and the NDP feel very comfortable spending Manitobans money. Today's election promise will cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Kinew told media he will open four new family medical centres in Winnipeg and one in Brandon if they win the election.

Again, the NDP leader did not say how he would pay for the promise of four medical centres and the staffing required.

The spending continued when Kinew promised money to help existing clinics expand to offer a range of medical services, including family doctors and mental health workers.

The NDP has promised to open more emergency rooms and spend $500 million to recruit 250 healthcare staff. The current PC Government began a program last term that dedicated $400 million to attract, train and retain over 2000 new healthcare staff.

The Tribunes quick math suggests the NDP promises amount to nearly a billion dollars, although Kinew still will not release his fully costed platform promises. Liberal leader Dougald Lamont also promised to spend a billion dollars more a year of taxpayer money. He will do that by raising school property taxes and introduce higher income tax rates on many Manitobans.

The Tories are set to release their costing strategy today.


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