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Saturday, May 21, 2022 - It was not like a start to any other shift for Cst. Dylan Fedrau and Cst. Lindsay Bawn of Norway House RCMP on Friday. While responding to a call for service, both officers entered a home in Kinosao Sipi First Nation to find a mother in labour. They jumped into action to assist her. Cst. Bawn cared for the mother and Cst. Fedrau delivered the baby.

"I'm almost without words," said Cst. Fedrau. "As a police officer, you never know what the next call will be and you have to be ready for anything. I don't know that I could have anticipated helping to bring a baby into the world when I went to work in the morning, but I am so glad to have been able to help and to be one of the first to meet the little guy."

Mother and baby are doing well, as is the very proud father.

RCMP officers visited the family and took the new baby a RCMP stuffed animal and a blanket. They also learned the name of the baby – Dylan, after Cst. Fedrau.

"I am so honoured that these parents named their son after me. I am truly humbled," said Cst. Fedrau. "I love working in this community, and to now have such an amazing, permanent, and life-long connection to it means more to me than the family could possibly know."


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