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City makes some progress limiting raw sewage spewing into the Red River

City makes some progress limiting raw sewage spewing into the Red River
Raw sewage spewing into the Red River

By: Staff Writer I Winnipeg Tribune

Winnipeg, February 23, 2024 - Residents and businesses in southwest Winnipeg are urged to maintain water conservation efforts as the City of Winnipeg continues thier attempt to stop raw sewage that has been spewing into the Red River for weeks.

City officials are reporting some progress on the bypass system at the Fort Garry Bridge, with the installation of the second pump on the evening of February 21 following mechanical repairs.

Tim Shanks, Director of the Water and Waste Department, emphasized the ongoing risk of intermittent spills as crews strive to enhance the reliability and operation of the bypass system in the coming days. The City is working diligently to ensure minimal disruption, but caution remains paramount.

Areas including St. Norbert, Fort Richmond, Richmond West, Waverley West, Bridgwater, Linden Woods, Linden Ridge, Whyte Ridge, Waverley Heights, and the University of Manitoba are particularly urged to continue reducing water usage until the repair work concludes.

As reported previously in the WInnipeg Tribune, no information has been provided as to why the city waited this long to declare it a crisis. At the same time the issues of againing infrastructure raises the question why city council wants to take revenues from Water and Waste to pay for garbage pick up.

No specific details been released by the provincial government on what action, if any, they are taking or what fines the city may face given the environmental damage being caused.


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