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Crime Spree Suspect Arrested in Winnipeg

Winnipeg, October 13, 2023 - Members of the Property Crime Unit apprehended a male suspect following a series of criminal activities that spanned from June 20 to September 13, 2023. The suspect targeted a staggering fifteen hardware stores located within the City of Winnipeg, leaving a trail of theft and chaos in his wake.

The modus operandi of the perpetrator was consistent throughout the spree. The suspect would brazenly enter the targeted businesses, selecting a wide array of items, ranging from air conditioners to power tools, without any intention of making a purchase. On one alarming occasion, the suspect escalated the situation further by brandishing an axe, lunging at a Loss Prevention officer before making his hasty escape. Thankfully, no injuries were sustained during this confrontation.

The collective value of the stolen property has now been assessed at an astonishing $22,000, painting a grim picture of the havoc wreaked by the criminal mastermind behind this spree.

The alleged perpetrator, identified as Michael Dean Smith, aged 31, now faces a slew of charges, including:

  • Theft Under $5000 x 14

  • Robbery

In a bid to ensure public safety and to bring the accused to justice, authorities have detained Smith in custody. This arrest signifies a major milestone in bringing an end to the hardware store crime spree that has plagued Winnipeg for several months.

Residents and business owners in Winnipeg can now breathe a sigh of relief as law enforcement authorities have swiftly acted to bring the alleged perpetrator to justice. The prosecution's case against Smith will undoubtedly be closely watched, and the City of Winnipeg can now begin the process of recovering the stolen property.


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