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Drunk Driver Arrested With Small Children in Car

RCMP arrested two women after they were caught driving impaired with three small children in the backseat.

Police received two 911 calls reporting that a vehicle was driving erratically on Highway 8 and had almost sideswiped other vehicles. Officers responded and witnessed the vehicle driving dangerously and found two heavily intoxicated women when they stopped the car.

Open liquor was found in the vehicle and three small children were found in the backseat. One of the children was not buckled in. Officers contacted representatives to come and get the children and take them to a safe environment.

Through investigation, the driver was determined to have a blood alcohol concentration of nearly two and half times the legal limit. She was arrested for Impaired driving. She is also charged under the Highway Traffic Act for not using a proper child restraining device x2, for driving without an able supervising driver while holding a class 1A to 5A licence, and unlawfully transporting liquor in a motor vehicle. She has been released with a court date and will not be identified to protect the identity of the children involved.

"This could have had a horrible outcome," said Sgt. Chris Lambert of Red River North RCMP. "The lives of three young children were endangered as well as the lives of other innocent people on the roadway. We commend the two individuals who called in when they saw an erratic driver and encourage anyone who sees dangerous driving to call police so we can respond and get a dangerous driver off the road."


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