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Drunk driver, wanted on a warrant, pulls up to Police headquarters

A drunk driver was arrested right outside Police headquarters
Drunk driver arrested right outside Police headquarters

By: Staff Writer I Winnipeg Tribune

WInnipeg, February 25, 2024 - Winnipeg Police officers responded to an unusual incident outside their own building yesterday afternoon around 2:20 p.m. Police saw a 1998 white Ford Ranger mounting the east sidewalk of Smith Street, coming to a halt beneath the public entrance overhang of the police headquarters at 245 Smith Street.

Despite repeated directives from police, the lone adult male driver inside the vehicle refused to cooperate, even brandishing a screwdriver at one point. Tactical support officers took action, breaching the vehicle's windows and employing conducted energy weapons (Tasers) to safely remove the uncooperative individual from the vehicle and effect his arrest.

The apprehended individual, a 48-year-old male from Winnipeg, faces charges of Operating a Conveyance while Impaired by BAC, Drugs, or a Combination thereof. Additionally, he was arrested on an outstanding warrant in his name.


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