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Fire at Brady Landfill

Winnipeg Firefighters were called to The Brady Road Resource Management Facility yesterday when three large compost piles caught fire.

Each compost pile is approximately 90 metres long, 12 metres wide and four metres high.

This type of smouldering fire, involving deep piles of organic materials, can burn for long periods. They are typically dealt with by smothering the burning material in soil. This is usually done by employees at the Resource Management Facility. However; with high winds last evening, the fire was generating a large volume of smoke which was blowing towards the city.

Over the course of seven hours, fire crews used several tactics to try to extinguish the fire and minimize the smoke coming from the piles. The WFPS Bison, wildland fire units, fire engines and a water tanker were all on scene.

Despite all efforts by firefighters, applying water to the piles proved to be ineffective. The decision was made to leave the scene to employees at the facility and return the fire crews to their stations so they would be available for critical emergencies.

Employees at the Brady Road Resource Management Facility will continue to work to smother the fire, but smoke will continue to be an issue until the fires are fully extinguished. WFPS crews will return to the site should the fires worsen or spread. At this time, it is not known how the fire started. No injuries have been reported.


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