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Fire breaks out at Tyndall Avenue townhouse: Two were hospitalized

A fire that broke out at a Tyndall Avenue townhouse say two people hospitalized.
Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service responds to a townhouse fire on Tyndall Avenue. (File Photo)

By: Winnipeg Tribune Staff Writer

Winnipeg, April 4, 2024 - Wednesday evening a fire on Tyndall Avenue resulted in two residents being sent to hospital. Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service responded to calls of a two-storey townhouse engulfed in flames.

Firefighters arrived around 11:30 PM and were greeted with billowing smoke emanating from the building. Without hesitation, they launched a rigorous fire attack, utilizing a combination of water and foam to quell the inferno.

According to initial reports, some residents had managed to evacuate the premises independently before the arrival of the fire crews, while others required assistance from the valiant firefighters. Amidst the chaos, paramedics were also on standby, assessing the condition of those affected by the ordeal.

Four people were evaluated by paramedics at the scene, with two necessitating medical attention. One individual was transported to the hospital in an unstable condition, while another was in a stable condition.



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