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Floyd Chartrand Arrested for Assault on a Winnipeg Bus

Floyd Chartrand Arrested for Assault on a Winnipeg Bus
FIle photo of Winnipeg Transit Bus

By: Staff Writer I Winnipeg Tribune

Winnipeg, January 16, 2024 - Winnipeg Police were called to an assault on a Winnipeg Transit bus January 13. The incident, involved an assault with bear spray, which resulted in the evacuation of the bus and the arrest of 45-year-old Floyd Chartrand.

Upon arrival, police discovered that a male passenger had allegedly assaulted another rider by deploying bear spray. The immediate concern for the safety of those on board prompted authorities to evacuate the bus swiftly. Fortunately, no other passengers sustained injuries during the incident.

The suspect, identified as Floyd Alex Chartrand, a 45-year-old resident of Winnipeg, was apprehended by law enforcement personnel who remained on the bus. Chartrand was found to be in possession of the bear spray at the time of his arrest.

As a result of the investigation, Floyd Alex Chartrand now faces several charges, including:

  • Possession of a Weapon

  • Mischief Under $5,000/Obstruct in Enjoyment

  • Fail to Comply with Condition of Probation

In light of these charges, Chartrand was taken into custody and remains detained at this time. The victim of the bear spray assault, however, fled the scene and has not yet been identified by authorities.


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