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Government seeks youth voices for Student Advisory Council

Government seeks youth voices for Student Advisory Council
Student Advisory Council

By: Staff Writer I Winnipeg

Winnipeg, February 26, 2024 - Education and Early Childhood Learning Minister Nello Altomare has announced the opening of applications for the 2024-25 Student Advisory Council, inviting students aged 14 to 18 to participate. The initiative aims to incorporate youth perspectives into educational decision-making processes to enhance student well-being and success.

Altomare emphasized the crucial role of students in shaping the education system, highlighting that involving youth in decision-making leads to positive outcomes and keeps the government informed about issues important to the next generation.

Members of the Student Advisory Council collaborate with stakeholders to address current and emerging issues in education, contributing valuable insights that drive positive change at the provincial level. Past councils have influenced initiatives in remote learning, anti-racism, and mental health.

Namirembe Afatsawo, a three-year council member, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to advocate for her region and underscored the importance of including those directly affected by decisions in the process.

The upcoming council will comprise 32 youth representing Manitoba's diverse student population, serving a one-year term starting in August. Current members meeting eligibility criteria can apply for a second term. The application deadline is April 5.

The Manitoba government encourages eligible students to apply for the Student Advisory Council to develop leadership skills, advocate for their peers, and contribute to shaping the future of education in the province.


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