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Jolt Wins Game of Hide & Seek With Teenage Robbery Suspect in Rural Break-In

Portage la Prairie, October 14, 2023 - RCMP responded to a break-in at a remote residence situated in the Rural Municipality (RM) of Portage la Prairie on October 6, at around 8:10 am,. Homeowners, equipped with surveillance cameras, spotted a suspicious individual trespassing on their property, attempting to make off with an all-terrain vehicle.

RCMP officers arrived on the scene without hesitation, setting in motion a series of events that would culminate in the arrest of the suspect. The suspect, a male, was initially located while walking along Highway 16, but upon encountering the officers, he chose to evade capture by fleeing into an adjacent field, eventually disappearing into a nearby ravine.

The RCMP promptly established a containment perimeter around the area, and their ace team, the Police Dog Services, was dispatched to the scene. A highly-trained Police Service Dog, known as Jolt, was brought in to track down the elusive suspect. Remarkably, Jolt's keen senses led them to the fugitive approximately 100 meters from the road, where the suspect was found hiding in dense vegetation, concealed amidst several feet of long grass. The suspect, displaying a strong will to evade arrest, put up resistance, but the officers eventually managed to take him into custody.

The suspect was observed carrying a bag during his escape. In response, PSD Jolt embarked on a diligent search of the field, meticulously scouring the area for any discarded evidence. Their efforts bore fruit as they discovered a bag containing a laptop, a potential piece of evidence that could shed further light on the suspect's intentions.

Further investigations revealed that the individual is a 17-year-old male from Brandon. He now faces charges, including Resisting Arrest on two counts and Break and Enter. Adding to the situation, it was disclosed that the suspect was also wanted on an outstanding warrant out of Brandon.

The suspect was subsequently released from custody.

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