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Kevin Klein and Wab Kinew Make Announcements on Campaign Trail

Friday, September 15, 2023 - The NDP promises more hospital spending without suggesting how Wab Kinew will pay for all his big promises.

The NDP leader promises to spend more money to reopen a health centre specializing in care for menopausal women if his party wins the Oct. 3 provincial election.

Kinew said he would spend $5 million to build a new Mature Women's Centre and provide $2 million in annual funding.

Kevin Klein, PC Candidate for Kirkfield Park and former City Councillor, announced the PC Team's plan to address Manitoba's labour shortages and put the province on the path to filling 100,000 jobs over the next five years. A re-elected PC government will kick-start a new skills training and recruitment fund with a $16-million initial investment targeted to support the most in-demand industries, Kevin Klein, PC candidate for Kirkfield Park, announced today.

"We want Manitobans to take every advantage in training for the jobs of today and tomorrow," said Klein. "Our approach to addressing labour shortages across key sectors of our economy will be strategic so that we have the greatest impact on everyday Manitobans. We're going to remove barriers to get more Manitobans into good jobs sooner to meet the needs of our growing province."

Klein also announced that a re-elected PC is committed to new investments to improve fuel efficiency in the transportation sector, with a $15-million fund to equip semi-trailers with aerodynamic retrofits. The transportation sector generates around 31% of the province's greenhouse gas emissions.

"The trucking industry has two big challenges: a shortage of drivers and rising fuel costs. These hike up the cost of transportation and lead to higher grocery bills and increased prices on everyday goods," said Jas Brar, Vice President of 4Tracks Ltd. "We're pleased to see the PCs are committed to filling jobs in our industry and improving fuel efficiency for truckers. And we're happy to join them in their fight to axe the carbon tax."


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