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Kevin Klein Introduces New Winnipeg Task Force Member

Thursday, June 1, 2023 - Environment and Climate Minister Kevin Klein, a former City Councillor in Winnipeg, previously announced he was forming a Task Force to advance wastewater infrastructure projects in Winnipeg that have been stalled.

“Our government is committed to advancing infrastructure projects that will protect our lakes and rivers, and make real progress to improve environmental outcomes for Lake Winnipeg and surrounding waterways,” said Klein. “I am pleased to expand this task force so we can ensure outcomes are guided by people with expertise in these areas.”

Jan Oleszkiewicz has joined the task force, which will hold its first meeting today. Oleszkiewicz, a professor at the University of Manitoba, teaches courses in wastewater treatment, solid waste management, and wastewater treatment plant design.

The minister serves as the task force’s chairperson and Winnipeg city councillor Brian Mayes, chairperson of the city’s standing policy committee on water, waste and environment, serves as vice-chair. Michael Paterson, a senior research scientist for the Experimental Lakes Area, also serves on the task force.

The task force will focus on ensuring the ongoing three-phase upgrade project to the City of Winnipeg’s North End Water Pollution Control Centre—the city’s oldest and largest sewage facility—will be completed by the 2030 provincial deadline.

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