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Klein in Churchill to Announce Remediation Work at Former Rocket Range

Thursday, July 20, 2023 - Environment and Climate Minister Kevin Klein was in Churchill on Thursday to let residents know the Manitoba government is committing an additional $719,000 to advance remediation and assessment work at the former Churchill Rocket Range as part of ongoing efforts to protect the health and safety of Manitobans.

“We take our commitment to managing contaminated and abandoned mines very seriously and our track record shows it,” said Klein. “Over the past three years alone, our government has invested over $95 million to clean up these hazardous sites. This work ensures we are protecting the health and safety of Manitobans and our environment, while creating green jobs, often in rural, northern and remote communities.”

This investment includes a contract for an updated environmental site assessment at the former Churchill Rocket Range to determine the extent of the work required and identify available remediation options. The minister noted the findings and recommendations will inform next steps for clean up of the site, which is located approximately 20 kilometres east of Churchill.

In addition to Churchill Rocket Range, the Manitoba government is continuing to assess, monitor and expedite remediation work at 16 other contaminated sites and 47 former mining sites.

This year alone, the minister noted, the Manitoba government has made a combined investment of $30 million to build on work already undertaken to make these sites safer for the public and surrounding environment, while creating more good jobs and attracting investment to grow Manitoba’s economy.


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