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Knife-Wielding Suspect Apprehended by Winnipeg Police After Altercation at Coffee Shop

Winnipeg, October 18, 2023 - In an incident that unfolded Tuesday morning around 10:45 a.m., the Winnipeg Police responded to a distress call from a retail coffee shop located in the 400 block of Selkirk Avenue. The call reported an adult female suspect wielding a knife inside the establishment.

Upon arrival, members of the Tactical Support Team (TAC) immediately intervened, discovering a 58-year-old male victim with an upper-body injury caused by a sharp-edged weapon. The TAC officers located the adult female suspect near the intersection of Salter Street and Dufferin Avenue, where she had fled. The suspect was successfully apprehended and turned over to General Patrol officers without further incident.

The investigation into the matter revealed that the suspect, a 20-year-old female from Winnipeg, entered the coffee shop in an intoxicated state. After her request to use a patron's cellular phone was denied, she engaged in a heated verbal argument with a 40-year-old female customer. Subsequently, the suspect reached across the counter and armed herself with a large knife, brandishing it menacingly.

In a courageous act, a 58-year-old male patron intervened, attempting to disarm the suspect. His intervention allowed the female victim to retreat to safety. Although the male patron sustained an upper-body laceration during his brave effort, he did not seek medical attention.

The suspect fled the scene on foot, leaving the knife behind, but was swiftly pursued and apprehended by TAC members shortly after. Remarkably, the female victim escaped unharmed due to the timely intervention.

Upon questioning by the authorities, the suspect initially provided a false name. However, diligent investigative work led to her positive identification. The 20-year-old female suspect now faces several charges, including Assault with a Weapon (x2), Possession of a Weapon, and Attempt to Obstruct Justice. She has been remanded in custody pending further legal proceedings.

Photo used is a Winnipeg Tribune file photo.

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