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Local Housing Projects to Receive Funding

Round three of the Rapid Housing initiative has implemented four additional projects that will receive funding through collaboration with the Government of Canada, Province of Manitoba, and City of Winnipeg.

  • Manitoba Metis Federation – Mazoun Infinitii Pakoshayimoohk (Mazoun) "Infinity House of Hope" project at 292-298 Edison Avenue. Awarded $5,836,500 for the construction of 14 units of transitional housing for Indigenous youth aging out of care.

  • Wahbung Abinoonjiaag – Awarded $1,366,303 for the development of 26 units of transitional housing, targeting Indigenous women and their children.

  • University of Winnipeg Community Renewal Corporation (UWCRC) 2.0 – Project located at 454 Edmonton Street. Awarded $6,110,000 for the development of 11 units of transitional housing for women and children who have experienced gender-based violence.

  • Spence Neighbourhood Association – Project at 429 Sherbrook and 446 Langside. Awarded $1,850,832.40 to develop three units at each location, for a total of six units of transitional housing for youth experiencing homelessness.

These projects are being supported through $11,631,916 in funding from the Government of Canada and $5.19 million in funding from the Province of Manitoba. Additionally, both properties being developed as part of the Spence Neighbourhood Association project are City-owned lands being transferred over at no additional cost. These projects will target members of our population identified as priorities for Round 3 of the Rapid Housing Initiative, aiming to help Indigenous peoples, and women and their children fleeing violence. These populations are also at a higher risk of experiencing homelessness.

“Finding and retaining housing for vulnerable Manitobans is a complex challenge that requires collaboration across all levels of governments and community partners,” said Rochelle Squires, Manitoba Families Minister. “This funding in support of these projects is the first capital funding from the Provincial Homelessness Strategy. Together we can advance our goal of ending homelessness, as set out in our Homelessness Strategy, A Place for Everyone.” The Government of Manitoba has participated in proposal reviews in all three rounds of the RHI. Through Manitoba Housing, the Province is a critical provider of social services in Manitoba and partners with other governments, community organizations, and private groups to help create safe and affordable housing in Manitoba. On February 28, 2023, the Government of Manitoba released A Place for Everyone, A Collaborative Homelessness Strategy for Manitoba. Further information on the strategy can be found at Province of Manitoba – Developing Manitoba’s Homelessness Strategy.

Through the two previous intakes of the Rapid Housing Initiative, the City had disbursed a total of $25 million in support of local housing projects. These projects have accounted for the creation of 134 new housing units in Winnipeg.


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