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Magic Mushroom Dispensary Shut Down, Owners Arrested

Two people have been arrested after police shut down a Magic Mushroom Dispensary in Osborne Village on May 19, 2023. Search warrants were issued after an investigation and the business as well as a home on Waterfront Drive were searched.

The search of both the business and linked residence produced the following items, which officers seized as evidence: - 13-gram bags of Psilocybin x 39 - Approximately 260 grams of loose Psilocybin - Various Edible products and capsules - 2018 Mercedes Benz CLA250 4MATIC - Electronics (cellular phones/laptop) - Bank Machine - Score Sheets - Scale - Packaging Materials - Approximately $16,600 in currency The value of the seized drugs is estimated at $10,000.

A 37-year-old male and a 37-year-old female, both residing in Winnipeg, face the following charges: - Traffic in Scheduled Substance – Psilocybin x 2 - Possession of a Scheduled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking – Psilocybin - Possession of Proceeds of Property Obtained by Crime Over $5,000 Both were released on Undertakings as Mandated by the Criminal Code of Canada.


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