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Manitoba Government Grants $50,000 to Ensure Festival du Voyageur's Safe Return

Winnipeg, November 10 , 2023 - Sport, Culture, Heritage, and Tourism Minister Glen Simard unveiled a one-time grant of $50,000 from the Manitoba government to support Festival du Voyageur's occupancy of Fort Gibraltar. The grant aims to ensure the safe hosting of the annual festival, a pivotal cultural celebration highlighting francophone, Métis, and First Nations history.

"Festival du Voyageur is a flagship cultural heritage festival, and our government is committed to supporting this inclusive celebration," Minister Simard emphasized. "This grant provides essential funding for required structural work that will allow the organization to safely host the 2024 edition of the festival."

As part of the project, Minister Simard outlined plans to replace the existing wooden walls surrounding the fort with temporary fencing. This strategic move will not only address the necessary structural improvements following a previous failure but will also serve as a backdrop to art installations and cultural displays during the festival.

Breanne Lavallée-Heckert, the executive director of Festival du Voyageur, expressed gratitude for the provincial support, stating, "The grant received from the Province of Manitoba will help ensure the festival's continuity and provide support towards a safe and secure site for Festival 2024."

The funding will contribute to structural enhancements, responding to an engineering safety assessment conducted after a structural failure in May. Festival du Voyageur, boasting over 50 years of providing a unique cultural experience, looks forward to welcoming attendees from February 16 to 25, 2024. Lavallée-Heckert assured festivalgoers of a warm and secure environment featuring the signature maple taffy and a rich cultural experience.


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