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Manitoba Government Making Changes to Fight Crime

Thursday, May 4, 2023 - The Manitoba Government announced changes to the Police Services Act that will allow cities and municipalities to address community safety issues with new tools.

The Manitoba government has heard the concerns and has taken definitive steps to ensure municipalities have the ability to respond to local safety concerns through this layered enforcement approach, the minister noted, adding that these changes will provide a number of possible solutions to ensure municipalities can address their specific needs.

“The Association of Manitoba Municipalities welcomes the Manitoba government’s commitment to expand the responsibilities and powers of community safety officers,” said Kam Blight, president, Association of Manitoba Municipalities. “The proposed amendments offer municipalities an additional avenue to boost safety measures in their communities.”

The Government confirmed it has renewed calls for the federal government to fund the back pay it unilaterally negotiated for the RCMP, an additional cost that will severely impact many municipalities.

“We appreciate and value the work of the RCMP in Manitoba,” said Kelvin Goertzen. “However, municipalities were not consulted nor were they involved in the negotiation of the back pay that the federal government negotiated in the RCMP contract. Simply handing the bill to municipalities isn’t good enough and will significantly impact local municipalities and their residents.”

AMM has also strongly urged the federal government to reconsider its approach and absorb all retroactive salary costs immediately, Goertzen added.


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