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Manitoba Implements Mandatory Mask Policy for Healthcare Staff Amidst Rising Health Concerns

Winnipeg, October 17, 2023 - Effective from tomorrow, October 18th, a new mask-wearing policy will be implemented for health-care staff in Manitoba. This mandate requires all healthcare personnel working in Manitoba hospitals, personal care homes, and various healthcare facilities to don medical masks when directly interacting with patients, residents, and clients. Staff involved in care services provided by regional health authorities, both within healthcare facilities and in the community, such as home care, will also be obliged to wear masks during care delivery. This measure aims to mitigate the risk of respiratory virus transmission from healthcare workers to vulnerable individuals, especially those at greater risk of severe illness.

While masks will remain optional for healthcare site visitors, it is strongly recommended that they wear one. Masks will be readily available for those who opt to wear them. Nonetheless, visitors and other staff in areas catering to highly immunocompromised individuals, such as cancer units or the transplant program, may still be required to wear masks, as indicated by clear signage.

In the event of an outbreak, healthcare workers and designated caregivers must adhere to established protocols for personal protective equipment use. This updated guidance has been provided to healthcare workers by Shared Health through a memo, accessible at


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