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Manitoba Officers Captured One Adult Coyote in the North Kildonan Area

July 4, 2023 - Over the last couple of weeks, two young people, a 9 and 4-year-old, were attacked by a coyote in the North Kildonan area on two different occasions. Today, officials with Manitoba Natural Resources stated that one adult coyote has been located and humanely euthanized.

The Manitoba Conservation Officers with assistance from the Manitoba Trappers Association, continue to patrol the area to identify and remove any other aggressive wildlife threats. The animal located and removed from the area on Monday has been sent for testing.

While coyote attacks are extremely rare, the province wants to take every precaution to protect the public and prevent any further incidents. The public is advised to take extra precautions, especially with young children and small pets.

It is important that people be on guard, supervise children closely, feed pets indoors, keep animals on a leash and reduce attractants. Coyotes are attracted to food and food waste in yards, such as fallen fruit, pet food, bird seed and garbage.

Never feed wildlife. Making food available to coyotes, either directly or indirectly (through feeding prey such as birds and rabbits), may attract coyotes and other predators to an area. Coyotes that have been fed by people will become increasingly comfortable approaching people and increasingly aggressive.

If a coyote is seen, people are encouraged to make noise, do what they can to appear large, stay in a group, and not run as that might incite a chase.


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