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Manitoba PC Leader Said MLA's Letter "Does Not reflect the sentiment of Party."

A group of Winnipeg Palestinian protesters supporting a suspended student after her antisemitic post.
Winnipeg Palestinian protesters supporting suspended student for antisemitic post.

By Marty Gold | Guest Columnist

Winnipeg, December 1, 2023 - The Progressive Conservatives are trying to unsnarl two members from a letter of support for a suspended U of Manitoba nursing student, after MLAs Richard Perchotte (Selkirk) and Obby Khan (Fort Whyte) seemingly didn't realize the “anti-Israel” activist posted a Nazi cartoon (Winnipeg Tribune decided not to show the post) with antisemitic content to describe the Israeli military and government.

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The president of the University of Manitoba Nursing Students’ Association, Arij Al Khafagi, was suspended on November 21 and barred from attending classes.

Citing "discriminatory remarks and demonstrating wider unprofessional conduct" as well as antisemitic Instagram posts, College of Nursing officials iced her student status. As part of a campaign to salvage her academic year, MLAs were solicited to send a letter asking Advanced Education Minister Renee Cable to intercede.

Advanced Education critic Perchotte, along with Khan, signed a letter to the Minister that complained "it sends an unacceptable message to academically penalize a student for expressing herself... the same passionate nurses that our healthcare system so desperately needs."

After Perchotte learned of her antisemitic activity he apologized to one Jewish family admitting, "I failed to get the details before signing", and assuring them "the antisemitism posts are against the belief of my party, my leader and myself".

Five hours later, Stefanson followed up that "As soon as it was brought to my attention, I made clear that this does not reflect the sentiment of our PC Party."

The former Premier continued "Both individuals have since apologized."

However no one seemed to have heard a word of apology from Khan. He apparently is going to issue a statement to the Jewish community today, December 1, 2023.


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