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Manitoba Public Insurance Workers End Nine-Week Strike with New Contract Deal

Winnipeg, November 2, 2023 - Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) employees have reached an agreement with the provincial government, bringing an end to their nine-week strike. The workers, members of the Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union (MGEU), have voted to accept the latest contract offer after their initial rejection earlier this week.

The new collective agreement includes general wage increases of three per cent in the first year, and three per cent, 2.9 per cent, and 2.8 per cent in the second, third, and fourth years. Also included in the deal is a $1,800 signing bonus, in addition to retention adjustment percentages for years three and four and two-week lump sum pay for striking workers for the time spent on the picket lines during the transition period as the new government came into power. The agreement includes other benefits as well.

The rejection of the NDP's offer Monday by MGEU members brought to light disillusionment among those who had ardently supported the party during the recent provincial election. MGEU President Kyle Ross, in a candid interview on CJOB, expressed his disappointment and accused the new NDP government of exploiting the support they received from union members during the election campaign. Ross asserted that the NDP had promised unwavering support for the workers, but their actions had fallen short, leaving many feeling betrayed.

As a result of the new agreement, MPI staff is now planning to return to work this Friday, marking the end of a prolonged standoff between the government and its employees. While this development brings relief to both the striking workers and MPI clients, questions remain about how this settlement will impact MPI rates.

The new NDP government has not said whether MPI rates will have to increase, or by how much, due to the new wage agreement. Justice Minister Matt Wiebe told reporters to ask MPI management. This leaves uncertainty for Manitobans on the potential financial repercussions of this labor dispute.

Shortly after being elected, Premier Wab Kinew replaced the Board member of MPI and the Chief Executive Officer.


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