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Miraculous Rescue: Missing Toddler Found Safe After Intensive Search Effort

RM of Stanley, September 29, 2023 - In a heart-stopping ordeal that gripped the local community, a missing three-year-old boy was miraculously found safe and unharmed after an exhaustive search operation led by the Morden RCMP. The incident unfolded on September 27, 2023, at around 9:20 pm when authorities received a distressing report about the disappearance of the young child from the rural municipality of Stanley.

Upon receiving the report, law enforcement sprang into action, mobilizing a rapid response that involved multiple agencies. The Morden RCMP, in collaboration with the local fire department, embarked on a relentless search for the missing toddler. The RCMP Search and Rescue team, accompanied by their highly trained Police Service Dog Jolt, was swiftly deployed to the scene. Additionally, the RCMP Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) unit was called in to assist in the search efforts.

The child had been playing with family and friends near a tree line when, it is believed, he wandered into a nearby cornfield. As dusk fell, emergency lights were strategically placed to enhance visibility in the hopes that the child might spot them. A meticulous perimeter search was conducted by vehicles to ascertain if the child had ventured out of the cornfield.

A comprehensive search operation unfolded, covering the vast expanse of a 210-acre cornfield. Law enforcement officers, firefighters, and concerned citizens meticulously combed through the fields row by row. Police conducted thorough searches of outbuildings in the vicinity, while Police Service Dog Jolt scoured the area for any scent trail. The RPAS, equipped with advanced technology, identified several heat signatures in the field, which, upon investigation, turned out to be wildlife.

Amid the tense atmosphere, a breakthrough occurred when the RPAS detected a significant heat signature in a field west of the residence at approximately 12:40 am on September 28, 2023. Following this crucial lead, the missing child was located and swiftly taken to Emergency Medical Services, who were standing by for any medical assistance required. Astonishingly, the toddler was found in good health, with no visible injuries.

Praising the collaborative effort that led to this remarkable outcome, Sergeant Scott McAuley, Pembina Valley RCMP Area Commander, expressed his gratitude, stating, "This is the best possible outcome, and it is because of the quick response of everyone involved. The local fire department, civilian searchers, and all the RCMP teams came together to find this little boy and showed how important it is for the community to come together. It is a great day when we are able to hand a missing child back to their frantic parents and reunite a family. Thank you to everyone who assisted. Working together, you made a difference."

The incident serves as a testament to the power of community unity and the dedication of local law enforcement, bringing a heartwarming end to what could have been a devastating tragedy.


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