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More Needs to be Done About Crime in Winnipeg - Letter to Editor July 8

Saturday, July 8, 2023 - I live on Grosvenor Ave and my family has called the police 15 times this year. Eleven of those times nobody could attend as there was no car available. We are getting a bit fed up and have been tracking down the people doing these theft and vandalism crimes on our property ourselves and reporting to police exactly where these people are and what they are doing … still no response.

My husband followed on thief in our vehicle after they had broken into it, he was on the phone with 911 the whole time and reported 3 garages and two sheds this person had broken into in the time he had been following. There was so much stolen loot the guy could not carry it all so he took somebody’s recycling plastic wheeled blue trolly and filled that up with goods and pushed it down the street in no hurry whatsoever! This was an easy arrest where we had done all the legwork and had video footage of the break-in at our property etc.

Another time there was a guy sitting on top of my shed at my rental property at Academy & Wellington Cres. Luckily a police officer was already in that area so he came to check it out for me. The guy sitting up on my shed roof had a warrant for … ATTEMPTED MURDER … (failure to appear). So let me get this straight, they catch him a few months ago trying to kill somebody and… let him go to try again???! Then surprise surprise he does not show up for court and now he’s up on my shed?

Then one night this whacked out woman broke into the church on the corner of Academy Rd and Wellington and stole a fire extinguisher. We caught the break-in in progress on our exterior surveillance cameras of our rental house nearby. This time there was a big response and police came out with the tracking dogs and everything. They tracked her across the street and down to 529 Wellington where she had broken into somebody’s car (there for a nice dinner out) and she was found sleeping in the trunk of this car still with the fire extinguisher from the church! Once she had been found by the tracking dogs the police just opened up the trunk and told her to “git”! So no arrest? After breaking into the church and somebody’s car? Nope! My husband asked why all the dogs then and all the officers? He was told they had used it simply as a training exercise for the dogs! They did good they had found the lady! Good dogs! Sheesh!

Then once a guy was spotted in our yard carrying a bright blue paving hammer (like a short handled sledge hammer - on the Home Depot website it is actually called "Death Blow Paving Hammer“), and he was wearing a bright blue cape. He dumped out our cigarette butt holder outside of our short term rental took a few butts and had the rest strewn all over the yard. We asked one police officer about this and showed him the video camera footage. The officer replied, “Oh we know that guy. If we see him out and about we just take his hammer away from him.”

I am thoroughly disgusted with this neighbourhood and this city. The crime in River Heights/ Crescentwood is rampant!

I agree with all the cameras they are putting downtown … it’s about time! But that does nothing to help Osborne Village, West Broadway, Wolseley, Crescentwood, etc.

I can’t believe this city council is talking about some sort of art installation in the hundreds of thousands for Portage & Main when we have people being beaten, robbed, killed all in formerly lovely neighbourhoods like mine!

Also this business about opening up Portage & Main. Just stop spending money on stupid things! Try to make sure I don’t walk out to my shed to get my bike and find a hardened criminal wanted for attempted murder sitting in it or on it!

It’s a daily occurrence! Did you know I take my wedding ring off to walk my dog around the block here … even in broad daylight!

The current police chief, Danny Smyth, should be ashamed of himself! I would like to see him resign (and I am definitely not the only one who thinks that way about him). I know he’s not in charge of this ridiculous catch & release policing policy we have, that comes from higher up, but Danny has not helped… half of his staff is either on sick leave from the stress of working with him or pulling the plug and retiring early!

Melanie Mitchell


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