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NDP claims Manitoba's fuel supply has increased while repair work begins on the pipeline.

Winnipeg Tribune Staff

Winnipeg, March 17, 2024 - Gas is flowing to Manitoba according to officials from the Manitoba Government. Since the initiation of pipeline repairs, there has been a noticeable increase in the inventory of fuel within Manitoba. Industry efforts, bolstered by ongoing rail and truck deliveries, are instrumental in sustaining fuel supplies across the province. .

Efforts to enhance fuel terminal infrastructure are also underway. Upgrades at terminals in Winnipeg and Gretna are poised to elevate offloading capacities, thereby facilitating more efficient distribution of fuel to retailers once completed.

Imperial Oil, the entity responsible for the pipeline, has apprised the province of progress regarding the repair worksite near St. Adolphe. Assurance of adherence to schedule and safety standards has been provided, allaying concerns of potential delays or environmental repercussions. Provincial inspectors are actively involved, ensuring that repair operations proceed smoothly and in accordance with regulatory requirements.

The Manitoba government, stands ready to implement further measures as deemed necessary. Legislative and regulatory actions remain on the table, to safeguarding the fuel supply chain during this period of disruption.


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