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PC Government Achieves Balanced Budget, Pledges Investments in Key Sectors

Winnipeg, September 29, 2023 – Manitoba Finance announced a significant milestone today, revealing that the Progressive Conservative (PC) government successfully balanced the budget this fiscal year. Kevin Klein, the PC candidate for Kirkfield Park, emphasized the party's commitment to directing investments towards crucial sectors like healthcare and education.

Klein highlighted the robust economic growth that contributed to increased government revenues. "A thriving economy means more resources for Manitoba, enabling us to reinvest in essential areas such as healthcare, education, infrastructure, and social services," said Klein. He criticized the spending plan proposed by Wab Kinew, leader of the opposition, stating that it relied on inaccurate assumptions and would necessitate tax hikes to cover the proposed $3.3 billion in new expenditures.

Klein debunked Kinew's assertion of having $500 million in "unallocated funds," clarifying that these funds were earmarked for purposes like recent labor agreements. He criticized the opposition's platform as being detached from reality and likened it to past failed fiscal strategies.

"Our stable and experienced PC Team is dedicated to prioritizing Manitobans' needs," assured Klein. He pointed out the party's accomplishments, including historic tax reductions, a record $100 million increase in education funding, and the allocation of the largest-ever healthcare budget amounting to $7.9 billion. The surplus of $270 million will be reinvested in key areas like healthcare and education, underscoring the party's commitment to Manitobans' welfare.

Looking forward, the PCs plan to run modest deficits in the coming years, channeling essential funds into priority sectors. Their strategy aims to restore the budget to balance by 2025, ensuring sustainable fiscal responsibility.

As the advanced polls opened, anticipation for the provincial election on October 3rd, 2023, intensified, with Manitobans eager to see how these financial commitments would shape the future of the province.


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