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PC Party To Eliminate Land Transfer Tax

Wednesday, September 6, 2023 - The Manitoba PC Party committed to eliminating the land transfer tax for new home buyers as part of their 2023 provincial campaign.

The PC Party said, "The unfair Land Transfer Tax hits young Manitobans hard, which is why our government will get rid of this hurdle and help make the dream of owning a home a reality."

Today, a home buyer must pay a Land Transfer Tax, calculated on fair market value, and a registration fee. According to the PC Party, the Land Transfer Tax costs approximately $5,700 on the average detached single-family home sold in Winnipeg in July.

A previous NDP government was responsible for creating the Land Transfer Tax in 1987, among the highest in Canada.

As previously stated, the Manitoba PC Party will provide financial details for all election commitments each Friday during the campaign.

Yesterday, the NDP put a letter from former Liberal MP Lloyd Axworthy showing his liberal support for Wab Kinew. Manitoba Liberal leader Dougald Lamont comment to media that his party is the only left leaning party in the election and the endorsement meant nothing. The liberals do not have official party status and will likely


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