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Manitoba PC Party Vows to Eliminate Payroll Tax

Monday, September 11, 2023 - After completing a tour of northern Manitoba to meet with Indigenous leaders all last week, PC Party leader Heather Stefanson, with many PC candidates in attendance, provided her vision for the future of our great province: Vision 2030—the only plan to make Manitoba a 'have' province, two million people strong.

Stefanson committed to eliminating the Payroll Tax. Such a move would allow companies to reinvest the money saved to hire more people, increase wages, and expand. The ultimate removal of the Payroll Tax will save municipalities that could be passed on to residents. Cities like Brandon and Winnipeg would save millions of dollars in expenses, which could be spent on improving resident services, infrastructure, and community safety.

Stefanson said she would prepare Manitoba for a growing population with endless opportunities driven by strategic development in key sectors and bring new industries into our economy. The PC Party said they will achieve success by supporting our critical minerals sector and making Manitoba more attractive and competitive for businesses and workers.

The Manitoba PC's committed to phasing out the Payroll Tax, which was brought in under the NDP, over eight years, with a 50% reduction in four years.

Heather Stefanson also said she has a vision for the future, a vision that will grow our population to 2 million strong by 2030

The PC leader on Instagram said the party will achieve the objective by filling 100,000 jobs in 5 years through homegrown talent retention and immigration. For young Manitobans to stay in Manitoba, they need to see a prosperous future for themselves right here at home. Our vision offers that future.

"Four years from now, your taxes will be lower, your bank account will be larger, your kids won't be as likely to move away, and Manitoba will be on its way to being a 'have' province," Stefanson said. "We are the only party fighting for Manitoba's future with a long-term vision – not short-sighted, temporary fixes like the NDP, who will let the world pass us by."


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