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Police Dog Jolt Wins Chase through Westlake-Gladstone

Westlake-Gladstone, November 10, 2023 - November 8, around 12:25 pm, Amaranth RCMP responded to a report of a suspicious off-road vehicle (ORV) in the RM of Westlake-Gladstone. The side-by-side vehicle, with two occupants, was seen trespassing in yards along Road 50 West. The situation escalated when the stolen vehicle became inoperable, prompting the occupants to flee into a wooded area north of Road 50 West and Road 92 North.

RCMP revealed the ORV was reported stolen from the Sandy Bay First Nation area. With the collaboration of Manitoba First Nations Police, the area was secured, and RCMP Police Dog Services (PDS) were summoned for assistance.

Before the arrival of PDS, a female suspect emerged from the wooded area and was promptly taken into custody. However, the male suspect, identified as Blake Beaulieu, 32, hailing from Winnipeg, managed to remain concealed amidst the trees.

Police Service Dog Jolt was deployed on the scene. Jolt skillfully tracked Beaulieu to the other side of the bush line, where he attempted to hide in a woodpile. Despite efforts to evade capture, Beaulieu was successfully apprehended by Jolt and her handler.

Beaulieu was no stranger to law enforcement, wanted on multiple warrants, including two assaults and Robbery with Other Offensive Weapon. He now faces additional charges, including Possession of Property Obtained by Crime over $5000, Resist/Obstruct Peace Officer (x2), and Mischief.

Beaulieu remains in custody.


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