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Premier Stefanson Releases New Clean Energy Strategy & Confirms MB Hydro is Not for Sale

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Friday, July 27, 2023 - Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson introduce a new clean energy roadmap to ensure affordable, reliable, and sustainable power for people and businesses today and into the future.

Joined by Environment and Climate Minister Kevin Klein and Economic Development, Investment and Trade Minister Jeff Wharton, Premier Heather Stefanson said, “Let me be clear - Manitoba Hydro is not for sale. “We can’t talk about our economic growth without talking about how we’re going to power that growth. Our government is strengthening Hydro to provide clean, green electricity for our growing economy, and we will ensure it is kept affordable for all Manitobans.”

Manitoba’s Energy Roadmap: Pathway to Prosperity will ensure government, communities and industry make strategic investments in the energy sector for sustainable economic growth. The roadmap provides clear direction for the province to leverage its clean energy advantages to position itself for economic opportunities while advancing climate goals, Indigenous participation, energy affordability and electricity modernization, the premier said.

The roadmap lays out an energy strategy framework with four key goals:

  • modernizing energy governance,

  • attracting investment and jobs,

  • keeping residential rates affordable and industrial rates competitive, and

  • positioning Manitoba as a low-carbon leader.

“Businesses are knocking at our door ready to expand in Manitoba,” said Wharton. “In order for them to expand, they need reliable, long-term energy. This roadmap will help attract more investment and encourage the growth needed to create more good jobs across the province.”

The roadmap outlines several key action areas to achieve Manitoba’s energy goals including:

  • modernizing governance with the creation of the Manitoba Electricity Task Force, made up of representatives from the Manitoba government, Manitoba Hydro and Efficiency Manitoba to provide strategic advice and leadership to all of government;

  • saving energy through the introduction of additional efficiency measures to reduce or defer the need to invest in new generation and distribution assets; and

  • growing and diversifying by investing in further capacity at existing energy generation stations, investing in automated metering infrastructure and streamlining project approvals.

The roadmap will also provide opportunity for Manitoba’s Indigenous communities to participate in clean energy projects, which will create sustained economic benefits for remote and Indigenous communities, and support Indigenous reconciliation, Stefanson noted.

“As minister responsible for Efficiency Manitoba, I look forward to increasing initiatives that will support energy savings in our province,” said Klein. “While Manitoba continues to fuel economic opportunity and attract investment, our government will ensure we manage our clean energy resources responsibly for generations to come.”

Manitoba’s Energy Roadmap signifies an imminent energy transition, focused on adopting low-emission energy sources and technologies to replace emitting energy sources, Stefanson noted, adding that Manitoba Hydro is aligned with these objectives and have factored them into planning exercises over the past two years through a new integrated resource plan, which will be released shortly.

“We welcome the release of Manitoba’s Energy Roadmap and accelerating the conversation with Manitobans on how to meet the challenges of decarbonizing the economy, taking a path that fits with our unique situation,” said Edward Kennedy, board chair, Manitoba Hydro. “As the Energy Roadmap and our own planning point out, we must look at all effective options to meet our climate objectives while continuing to serve our customers each day with reliable, affordable energy.”


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