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Premier Stefanson Vows to Ensure Parents Are Told Everything by Schools

Thursday, August 17, 2023 - What group or person is speaking at your child's school? and about what? Is your child being bullied? What is the school doing about it? Did your child tell the teacher they want to identify as a boy, girl, or something else? Premier Heather Stefanson and the PC Party of Manitoba said today, they will will strengthen role parents play in raising their children by formalizing and enhancing rights for parents in the Public Schools Act if re-elected.

“We believe Manitoba parents are the most important people in their children’s lives and as the primary caregivers are best positioned to make decisions on behalf of their children,” Stefanson said. “Who better than parents–who have nurtured the growth of their child–to be fully aware of and engaged in their children’s lives once they head out the door to school?”

At present, there are seven basic rights enshrined in the Public Schools Act, including:

  1. The right to be informed regularly of attendance, and behaviour

  2. The right to consult with teachers and school staff about academic achievement 3. The right to access his or her child’s pupil file

  3. The right to information about programs available to children

  4. The right to be informed of discipline and behaviour management policies

  5. The right to be a member of a parent advisory council

  6. The right to accompany students to school board hearings regarding expulsion

“A lot has changed in 30 years,” Stefanson said. “What we’re hearing is parents want to be better informed so they can make decisions on behalf of their children.”

Following broad consultation with parents and educators, if re-elected, the PC Party will add to these existing rights with the following proposed additions:

The right to be informed about curriculum

The right to be involved in addressing bullying and other behaviour changes

The right to consent before any image of the child is made, shared or stored

The right to advance notice before any presentations are made in school from outside

the school system

Kirkfield Park PC candidate Kevin Klein said that while door knocking he is hearing concerns from parents. It is the parents who know what’s best for their children, and they deserve to have a say in their education.

Riel PC candidate Rochelle Squires said, “As a mother I remember sending my kids off to school, It’s obviously incredible to see your child take a big step forward, but it’s also hard knowing the input parents have wanes once they head out the door.”

"I don't always know what my children are learning at school, who is speaking to their class, or how they are feeling," said Ian Armstrong, a parent in River East Transcona School Division. "I'm glad Progressive Conservatives are stepping up for families like mine so I can play a bigger role in my children's education."

The PC Party of Manitoba is the only party focused on enhanced parental rights.


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