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Premier Wab Kinew Announces Business and Jobs Council

Wab Kinew announces his business and jobs council, which includes business and union leaders.
Wab Kinew announces his business and jobs council.

By: Staff Writer l Winnipeg Tribune

Winnipeg, December 8, 2023 - Premier Wab Kinew unveiled plans for the creation of the his Business and Jobs Council during his inaugural State of the Province address.

Kinew, in his address, highlighted the significance of the council, emphasizing its pivotal role in advising the province on crafting a resilient economy poised to serve Manitobans for generations to come.

"The diverse experiences and perspectives brought by the council members from various regions and sectors within our province are invaluable," stated Kinew. "The establishment of the Premier’s Business and Jobs Council offers a vital platform for Manitobans from all walks of life to collaborate, share their expertise, and innovate solutions addressing our present economic challenges."

The council, co-chaired by Ash Modha, the Chief Executive Officer of Mondetta Clothing, and Kevin Rebeck, President of the Manitoba Federation of Labour, will have Pratik Modha, former Stakeholder Relations Officer at the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation, serving as its secretary.

Expressing his humility at working alongside this esteemed council of advisors, Kinew articulated his vision of positioning Manitoba as a trailblazer not just nationally but on the global economic stage. He affirmed the council's commitment to establishing enduring trade partnerships both domestically and internationally.

The Premier underscored that the council's initiatives will be aligned with the priorities voiced by Manitobans, focusing on fortifying the province's diverse, low-carbon economy while generating quality employment opportunities across various regions to support families.

The counicl includes the following appointee's:


• Ash Modha, founder and CEO, Mondetta Clothing

• Kevin Rebeck, president, Manitoba Federation of Labour

Other Representatives

• Bea Bruske, president, Canadian Labour Congress

• Bob Silver, president and co-owner, Western Glove Works

• Bram Strain, president and CEO, Business Council of Manitoba

• Chad Friesen, CEO, Friesen Corporations

• Chuck Davidson, president and CEO, Manitoba Chamber of Commerce

• Mayor Colleen Smook, City of Thompson

• Connor Ketchen, general manager, Brandon Chamber of Commerce

• Cordella Friesen, president and CEO, YMCA-YWCA Winnipeg.

• Darren Rainkie, principal and founder, Darren Rainkie Consulting

• David Chartrand, president, Manitoba Métis Federation

• Gerry Price, chairman and CEO, Price Industries

• Gustavo Zentner, president, International Point of Commerce

• Ida Albo, owner and managing partner, Fort Garry Hotel

• Jacqueline Keena, managing director, Enterprise Machine Intelligence and Learning


• Jennefer Nepinak, vice-president strategic partnerships and reconciliation, Legacy Bowes

• Jill Verwey, president, Keystone Agricultural Producers

• Josh Zaporzan, owner and president, Audax Ventures Inc., co-founder and CEO, H2MB


• Liz Choi, CEO, Education Canada Group

• Loren Remillard, president and CEO, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

• Marie Buchan, director of operations, UFCW local 832.

• Mark Chipman, chairman, True North Sports and Entertainment

• Mike Pulak, co-ordinator, United Steelworkers Manitoba Area

• Moe El Tassi, manager, Peerless Garments, president, Strata Supply Co

• Palak Gupta, director and owner, Skyliner Immigration Services

• Paul Mahon, president and CEO, Canada Life

• Paul Soubry, president and CEO, NFI Group Inc.

• Reis Pagtakhan, corporate immigration lawyer.

• Ryan Kuffner, president and CEO, Economic Development Winnipeg

• Ryan Palmer, partner, KPMG

• Sachit Mehra, owner, East India Company Restaurants

• Tanya Palson, executive director, Manitoba Building Trades

• Tom Bilous, president, United Fire Fighters of Winnipeg

• Vanessa Stachiw, owner-operator, Little Sister Coffee Maker & Dogwood Coffee Canada

• Zita Somakoko, president and founder, Black Manitoba Chamber of Commerce

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