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Protesters Vandalize Athletes Village for World Police & Fire Games

Monday, July 31, 2023 - Hours after the route for the World Police and Fire Games half-marathon was struck by vandals who painted 65 phrases including profanity and acronyms used by police abolitionist groups on the roadway, walking paths and portable bathroom stalls. Approximately 100 protesters gathering in front of the World Police & Fire Games – Athlete’s Village situated at The Forks.

The Village is a place for all competitors and their family to meet. The protesters attempted to push through the front gate and the surrounding barricades as they chanted derogatory phrases at police. They yelled at the athletes, many from other countries, to go home and made reference to search a local landfill for two murdered Indigenous women. The protesters crowded the entrance and lay on the ground, making it difficult for athletes to navigate in and out of the venue.

Red paint was used to place handprints on the surrounding gate and fence. The crowd became more aggressive, and a brick was thrown at a parked cruiser car, smashing the windshield.

After approximately two hours, the incident was de-escalated, and the crowd dissipated. No injuries were reported.


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