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Province Introducing Restrictions to The Purchase of Bear Spray

Thursday, April 13, 2023 - The Manitoba government is introducing is taking action to address the sale of bear spray in the province.

Officials with the province said the changes introduced will require vendors who sell bear repellent to obtain photo identification and validate customer information before sales can be completed.

“Bear repellent is increasingly being used as a weapon and a number of recent assaults highlight the urgent need to make changes in the interest of public safety,” said Minister Goertzen. “Requiring photo identification and validated contact information at the point of purchase will deter people from using bear spray illegally, but not prohibit legal purchases. It will also assist with tracing in the event of an incident.”

The sale of bear repellent is regulated under the Pesticides and Fertilizers Control Act, which requires anyone who supplies, sells or distributes a pesticide to obtain a licence. Under the act, a person with a pesticide dealers licence is required to keep a record of all commercial and restricted products they sell. If the product contains capsaicin, the purchaser must complete and sign a declaration of purchaser form that includes their name, contact information, and the product and quantity purchased.

Purchasers will now be required to provide photo identification and specify the intended use of the product. Vendors will be required to verify a purchaser’s identification against government-issued identification, and submit this information to the Manitoba government. In addition, vendors must also register the serial numbers for any sale of more than two cans.

The Manitoba government is also asking the federal government to consider stronger restrictions for online sales of bear repellent in Canada and will be considering potential future legislative changes to change the age requirements to purchase bear spray in Manitoba.


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