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Provincial Snow Removal Crews Gear Up for Winter Challenges in Manitoba

Winnipeg, Manitoba - October 25, 2023 — With snowfall looming on the horizon, provincial snow removal crews in Manitoba are prepared to tackle winter weather head-on. The Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure department said that their teams are equipped and ready to clear highways across the province in response to the forecasted snow.

"Crews are monitoring highway conditions and will deploy as needed," stated spokesperson Naylor. "As we head into the winter season, we look forward to diligently helping Manitobans navigate roads and highways safely."

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure is responsible for maintaining 19,000 kilometres of provincial roads to ensure safe and timely travel throughout the winter season. The department carefully monitors weather forecasts and plans its operations with a robust fleet of approximately 340 truck plows, motor graders, and de-icing equipment. In the coming weeks and months, these snow-clearing crews will be on high alert, ready to respond to changing weather conditions.

Motorists are being strongly reminded to exercise extreme caution and adjust their driving for winter road conditions as snow and freezing rain become imminent. With the arrival of winter weather, it's crucial for drivers to be vigilant and watch for snow-clearing equipment on the roads. All snow-clearing vehicles operate with flashing blue lights, making them more visible. Motorists are advised to slow down and maintain a safe distance from these vehicles to ensure everyone's safety on the road.

To stay updated on current road conditions, residents can access real-time information through various channels. The 511 hotline is available toll-free, providing instant updates on road conditions. Additionally, the information is accessible online at or through the Manitoba 511 app. While road patrols regularly update the Manitoba 511 platform, it's important to note that conditions can change rapidly, necessitating drivers to stay informed to make safe travel decisions.

With winter approaching, Manitobans are encouraged to cooperate with snow-clearing crews, follow safety guidelines, and stay updated through reliable sources to ensure a secure and smooth commute during the challenging winter months.


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