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Public Warning: High-risk sex offender to live in Winnipeg

Winnipeg Police Issue Public Warning of a high-risk sex offender to live in the city.
A high-risk sex offender to live in Winnipeg

Winnipeg Tribune Staff Writer

Winnipeg, March 27, 2024 - Winnipeg Police have issued a public warning concerning the release of Cecil Junior Houle, also known as Chubby Houle and Junior Houle, from the Headingley Correctional Centre. Houle, aged 47, is a convicted sex offender deemed at high risk to re-offend in a sexual manner, posing a significant threat to public safety, particularly to females.

Scheduled for release today, in relation to four counts of failing to comply with conditions of a probation order, Houle's history of sexual violence and other offenses raises serious concerns. He will be subject to a lifetime weapons prohibition order and two probation orders until July 10, 2024, and September 26, 2025, upon his release. Houle is expected to take up residence in Winnipeg.

With convictions including manslaughter, sexual assault causing bodily harm, sexual interference, assault causing bodily harm, assault, carrying a concealed weapon, and numerous counts of failing to comply with probation and recognizance orders, Houle's criminal record underscores the gravity of the situation.

Notably, Houle was convicted of manslaughter of his common-law wife and sexual assault causing bodily harm to an 18-year-old female in January 2006, receiving a concurrent sentence of 12 years (with three years pre-trial custody credit). Despite participating in some treatment programming while incarcerated, Houle is still considered high risk to re-offend in a sexual manner against females.

The Winnipeg Police stress the importance of public awareness and caution, urging all individuals, especially females, to take suitable measures to protect themselves. However, the police emphasize that any form of vigilante activity or unreasonable conduct directed at Houle will not be tolerated.

Anyone with information about Houle's whereabouts or activities is urged to contact the Manitoba Integrated High-Risk Sex Offender Unit at (431) 489-8056, the Winnipeg Police Service at (204) 986-6222, local RCMP Detachments, or Manitoba Crime Stoppers at (204) 786-8477 or toll-free at 1-800-222-8477. Media inquiries can be directed to the Winnipeg Police Service Public Information Officer at (204) 986-3061.

The dissemination of this information aims to empower the public to stay vigilant and take necessary precautions for their safety in light of Houle's release.


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