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UPDATED - RCMP Manhunt is on For Two Escaped Inmates From a Prison in The Pas

UPDATED qat 4:00 p.m. - RCMP have captured Xander Tardiff. He was arrested without incident and is now in police custody. RCMP continue to search for Kelly Castel. Anyone with information in relation to Kelly Castel is asked to contact The Pas RCMP at 204-627-6200.


Tuesday, May 9, 2023 - RCMP in Manitoba have provided more information on three inmates that escaped Monday evening from a Correctional Centre located in The Pas

Police said they learned of the escape at approximately 6:45 p.m. A number of police resources were immediately deployed, including Police Dog Services, to assist with the search.

At 8:05pm, one of the escaped inmates was located and safely taken into custody.

The Manitoba RCMP has also issued an Alert Ready message to residents in The Pas, Flin Flon and surrounding areas. The Saskatchewan RCMP has issued a Sask Alert message to residents in Creighton, Saskatchewan, and nearby areas. The Alerts were issued as new information was received late on the evening of May 8, this included:

  • the possibility that Xander Tardiff may attempt to harm individuals known to him

  • a report of an attempted break and enter into a residence in The Pas

  • Both Xander Tardiff and Kelly Castel are considered dangerous and a risk to the public.

RCMP are advising residents in The Pas and Flin Flon to lock all doors and windows and to report anything suspicious to the RCMP immediately.


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