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Shots fired at Winnipeg Police: Suspect in custody

Shots fired at Winnipeg Police: Suspect in custody
Shots fired at Winnipeg Police

By: Staff Writer I Winnipeg Tribune

Winnipeg, February 27, 2024 - Winnipeg Police officers faced gunfire In a tense standoff yesterday when attempting to apprehend a male suspect on multiple warrants. The incident unfolded at around 12:25 p.m. at a residence in the 0 to 100 block of Worthington Avenue.

Initial attempts to communicate with the suspect were met with resistance as he refused to engage with officers, revealing he was armed. Shots were fired from inside the residence, posing a grave threat to the responding officers. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

In response, the Tactical Support Team (TST) and Drone Unit were deployed, and nearby schools were put on hold and secure status as a precautionary measure.

As tension mounted, smoke billowed from the residence, prompting the intervention of the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service (WFPS). Negotiation attempts persisted, urging the suspect to surrender peacefully.

Ultimately, the suspect emerged from the home, defying police orders. Despite attempts at de-escalation, TST members resorted to firing less-lethal munition rounds (Bean Bag), resulting in the suspect's apprehension. The 44-year-old man was taken hospital for minor injuries, including smoke inhalation.

The use of less-lethal force necessitated the involvement of the Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba (IIU). The IIU has assumed responsibility for investigating the incident.


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